Quick Dry Pro

Why Us?

Professional, fast, and friendly service.


Commercial Focus

Our main focus is commercial carpet cleaning. We are trained, licensed and educated in commercial carpet care. When you choose QuickDry Pro Carpet Cleaning you are choosing a commercial carpet care specialist.

We use less water

Our equipment uses up to 90% less water than the competition, minimizing wastewater in your carpets, lower humidity in the building, and faster dry times. Less water is better for the environment and better for your carpets!

Support American jobs

We use quality equipment made right here in the United States for our jobs. Your carpet cleaning encourages stateside development and production, and creates jobs here at home.

Environmentally friendly detergent

QuickDry Pro Carpet Cleaning treats your carpets with special detergents that bind to the dirt and contaminants in your carpets, making them easier to remove and neutralizing odors. These detergents are environmentally friendly and don't leave behind harmful or unwanted residues.