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Super fast

QuickDry Pro Carpet Cleaning can completely restore your carpets and remove those unsightly stains, tough dirt, and menacing odors from your carpets. We use state of the art, low moisture deep cleaning equipment and eco-friendly detergents to give your carpets a thorough cleaning. Unlike traditional steam cleaning, our process leaves your carpets dry in as little as about an hour!

Flexible schedule

Businesses are busy at different times of the day, so we keep our schedule flexible to allow us to work when you are the least busy. Our technicians are able to come in before your building opens, during low traffic times, or even after you close. This flexibility minimizes disturbance to you and your staff, allowing both our teams to be more efficient.

Extended carpet life

At some point, all carpets need to be replaced. We want to help prolong the life of the carpets in your office because cleaning them is much easier than replacing them prematurely. Just one session with our residual-free detergents and low-moisture equipment will remove and restore carpet while adding years to the lifespan of your floor. That's good for employees and your bottom line.


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